Welcome to Kung Poo and congratulations on taking the first step in your training. In times of overpriced diapers, unbearable rashes and leaky disposables one diaper has emerged to take on such formidable foes. Kung Poo has dedicated years of training and focus to strengthening a leak proof shield while maintaining the upmost comfort. Take a tour here of our technological advances that have helped change the way your little will train to conquer any adversary. As you will see we have achieved in creating a one size reusable cloth diaper that is not only good for the environment but is also affordable. We have an array of belt colors suitable for the most experienced little sanseis to the youngest of little warriors. Help your little one train and become a true master with the one and only Kung Poo. Begin your quest and witness as Kung Poo kicks the p** out of any rival that stands in its way. Don't believe us? Take the challenge and try them out for yourself. Earn your rank HIIYYAAA!.

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